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The WooSox Foundation,

the philanthropic arm of the Worcester Red Sox, seeks to make dreams come true for the families in the City of Worcester, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the surrounding region in New England. The particular areas of focus are education, social justice, conquering cancer, and recreation.

Our 4 Pillars


Investing in the future of Worcester by supporting the education

of our youth

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Amplifying voices, celebrating differences, and advocating for a more united Worcester community

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Supporting the

research, treatment, and care of those in the


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Celebrating the past, present, and future of baseball in the Commonwealth

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A letter from
our president

Throughout my 44-year-career in baseball, I have seen first-hand the immense power that baseball and ballparks have to transform and elevate entire regions.  A baseball club’s influence transcends the ballpark and touches everyone—regardless of whether they are a baseball fan or a future baseball fan.


The City of Worcester welcomed the people of our organization with open arms.  The warmth and compassion of the everyday people of this city have been inspiring.  The hearts and the smiles are real.  Now, before a Polar Park pitch has been thrown, we get the privilege of beginning to say “thank you” in a meaningful way.


Through imaginative and innovative fundraising, we seek to operate programs that help children of all ages—in the classroom, on the ballfield, and in the hospital.  What an opportunity we have to use the beauty and wonder of baseball to make a city and a region an even better place in which to live.


We thank everyone who has participated in making us feel so at home, and we hope you feel at home in your new ballpark.  Together, who knows what we can accomplish for the people of our community?


Let’s find out.


Thank you once again.


With love,


Dr. Charles Steinberg

President of the WooSox and the WooSox Foundation

We thank you for supporting The WooSox Foundation!

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