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presented by bank of america

Made possible by a generous contribution from Bank of America, the Care-A-Van brings resources to communities who otherwise may not have easy access to Polar Park. Our vision is for our team and for Polar Park to be accessible and welcoming to all; however, we recognize that different circumstances might prevent certain communities from making a trip to the ballpark. Quite often, those communities are precisely the ones that the WooSox Foundation is looking to serve. For this reason, we think it is important to be able to bring resources out into the community, rather than expecting the community to come to us.

Care-A-Van Launch.jpg

​From resume reviews to financial literacy trainings to interview practice sessions, the Care-A-Van will equip job seekers with the tools and skills needed for employment. Complete with a private restroom, the Care-A-Van will offer cosmetic services like haircuts and showers for those experiencing homelessness, as well as a Dress for Success closet, in hopes of sending participants into interviews feeling confident. In addition to advancing opportunities for employment amongst historically marginalized communities, the Care-A-Van will offer healthcare services, like vaccinations, blood pressure checks, and COVID-19 testing in partnership with local organizations.

The mobility of the Care-A-Van will allow the WooSox Foundation to amplify our pursuit of equity, serving as the feature program of the Social Justice pillar. It will help change the narrative and allow the WooSox Foundation and Bank of America to make a stronger impact by meeting the community where they are and learning firsthand about additional areas of need that we can develop programming to address. 

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