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WooSox Scholars


The WooSox Scholars program provides middle school students with college scholarships to show them that their dreams are valid-- and funded. 

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A key facet of the Education Pillar, the “WooSox Scholars” program was announced the day the WooSox Foundation was established. It provides college scholarships to Worcester Public Schools middle schoolers to show them that their dreams are valid—and funded. Of all the 8th graders in Worcester Public Schools, the winners were one of 77 semi-finalists, 26 finalists, and became the four who were awarded a college scholarship of $10,000 for tuition and books to the college of their choice. In July 2021, the four winners stepped onto the field at Polar Park, accompanied by WooSox players (pictured below). Our hope is that this early recognition of their potential as learners and leaders will help shield them from the dangerous temptations of adolescent life. We believe in our children—and in their dreams. We believe in our children—and in their dreams. That’s why we’ve invested $40,000 into the college funds of local students thus far.  


Class of 2023

In June 2023, we honor our newest WooSox Scholars to the evergrowing foundation family. Pictured above on the far left and right, are three of the 2021 scholars, Helene Sanchez, Dalton Lee and Kasie Vuong, followed by three of the 2022 scholars, Marenity Gonzalez, Farzana Darwishi, and Erika Gutierrez as they welcomed the 2023 class: Marrie Brenner, Diego Segura, Anayah Ortiz, and Jeremiah Mlay (left to right).


Class of 2022

In June 2022, we welcomed the second class of WooSox Scholars to the foundation family. These four Worcester Public Schools eighth-grade scholars exemplify what it means to be a scholar through their courage, hard work, and dedication in and out of the classroom. Pictured above on the far left and right, are two of the 2021 scholars, Dalton Lee and Kasie Vuong, as they welcomed the 2022 class: Marenity Gonzalez, Farzana Darwishi, Sincere Politano, and Erika Gutierrez (left to right).


Class of 2021

In July 2021, in front of a crowd of cheering fans, four Worcester Public Schools eighth-graders, the Class of 2021, stepped onto the field accompanied by Worcester Red Sox players and executives, as well as Worcester Public Schools representatives. From left to right, the 2021 WooSox Scholars are Helene Sanchez Navidad, Dalton Le, Jakayla Edmonds Weekes, and Kasie Vuong.

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