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The woosox foundation
Aspiring Artists

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The WooSox Aspiring Artists Program was launched during the 2022 season. As a way to encourage kids to be creative artists, we welcomed students ranging from ages 8 to 15 to share a story of how one of the WooSox Foundation's four pillars resonates with them:

Education, Social Justice, Conquering Cancer, Diamond Sports 

Our team selected four winners, one from each pillar, and sent them to the Worcester Academy Summer Arts Camp. Each winner's design was converted to t-shirts which are now being sold at the WooSox Team Store where all the proceeds go back to the Foundation! 

Aspiring Artist 2022 Winners! 

Artist: Georgia Haynes (Age: 9)
Pillar: Education

Artist: Inez Smith (Age: 12)
Pillar: Social Justice

Artist: Krishnaily Delgado (Age 15)
Pillar: Diamond Sports

Artist: Victoria DeBoise (Age: 13)
Pillar: Conquering Cancer

"I chose the pillar of 'Conquering Cancer' because I support the subject and its very important to me, I drew the bell that you ring when you beat cancer because it shows the conquering part"
- Victoria DeBoise 

"I chose this drawing because I like how it included kickball and baseball at the same time. When I saw it I said this is the one."
-Krishnaily Delgado 

"There is a song that goes, 'Red and Yellow, Black and White they are precious in his sight,' I think this is true. Every person of this world deserves a chance to be heard. When we link hands in love we can change this city, nation, and world."
- Inez Smith 

"I did school because it's fun and you learn lots of things like math, reading, and writing, and you can do fun activities like gym, music, and art"
- Georgia Haynes 

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