Our 4 Pillars



“Investing in the future of Worcester by supporting the education of our youth

Believing that education is the equalizer in our society, the foundation is creating programs that provide college scholarships, mentoring, and programs that celebrate diversity and inclusion.  The foundation also seeks to reward teachers, the backbone of our education system.


Our “WooSox Scholars” program provides middle school students with college scholarships to show them that their dreams are valid—and funded.  Our hope is that this early recognition of their potential will help protect our young people from succumbing to the dangerous temptations of adolescent life.


Taking a personal interest in the children of our neighborhoods, WooSox staff will be “WooSox Mentors” to elementary school in Worcester.


Recognizing the central role of teachers in our community, the foundation will award small stipends to our “WooSox MVTs,” our Most Valuable Teachers.   Members of this profession are legendary for reaching into their own pockets to help their students, and for stretching every precious dollar.  We are eager to help.


Working in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, the foundation hopes to create programs that foster an environment of “Team Harmony,” one that brings together children from all backgrounds and all walks of life.


These are just a few of the visions in the area of education for the WooSox Foundation.  


Diamond sports

“Celebrating the past, present, and future of baseball in the Commonwealth”

Our recreation programs are designed to inspire children to enjoy healthy lifestyles, playing ball while learning the wonderful values that sports can teach.   Whether they play baseball, softball, Whiffle Ball, or kickball, “Diamond Sports” foster environments of health, exercise, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 


Further, the study of this region’s rich baseball history can inspire children to become scholar-athletes, recognizing the ideal blend of scholastic and athletic achievement.  These children may be the leaders to whom we turn as the playing of sports and the professions of sports evolve in the coming decades.


Conquering cancer

Standing with families as they take on one of life’s most challenging battles

The WooSox Foundation will initiate and participate in programs that help fund research, enhance treatment, and provide care for those who battle—and seek to conquer—cancer.  We will put the spotlight on the heroes, provide a respite to those receiving treatment, and offer a hug to those who could use just a little more love.


Social justice

Dismantling injustice through compassion and humility

In the wake of the countless manifestations of systemic oppression over the last year, the WooSox Foundation is committed to celebrating differences and amplifying voices of historically marginalized identities. Recognizing that silence slows progress and actively enables systems of hatred, bias, and oppression, the WooSox Foundation is committed to using our platform and resources as forces for justice in Worcester and beyond.

As new members of the Worcester community, we do not share the same lived experience as our neighbors. For this reason, the WooSox Foundation strives to foster unity by listening with empathy and acting with urgency.